Club Info/Membership

Membership Information

Community Ventures of Vienna, Inc. (trade name Vienna Woods Swim & Tennis Club) requires the purchase or rental of a share of stock in Community Ventures of Vienna, Inc. Membership entitles you to use of the pool during the summer and the tennis courts year round. Share owners have voting privileges in club management decisions and the right to serve on the Board of Directors, the governing body of the Club. 

The cost to purchase a share is $1,700. A one-time non-refundable Initiation Fee of $125 is charged at the time of purchase. In addition to the one-time share payment, members must pay annual dues or designate that their share be rented by March 5th each year.

Annual Dues are currently $1,195. The non-use/rental designation fee is $600 (only available if there is an interested renter). If postmarked after March 5th, dues or rental designations are subject to a $50 late fee. If postmarked after April 15th, the late fee increases to $75. The value of the share is determined by the Board of Directors annually in October and has risen over time. When a member sells a membership, the current value is refunded to the member less a Transfer Fee of $75, and any outstanding dues, late fees or lost tennis keys.

All fees are subject to change by the time a wait list applicant purchases or rents a membership.