Swim and Dive

NOTE: You MUST BE A MEMBER OR RENTER to participate in Swim and/or Dive.

Swim and Dive Teams

Team Unify is the definitive place for up to date information on the Swim and Dive team.   The Vienna Woods Pool website is for general information.  The Swim and Dive Facebook pages are secondary and – at the top of the Facebook page there is a notification go to the Team Unify page for up to date information.

The TEAMUNIFY website contains all the information about the swim program - including but not limited to:

Swim and Dive Teams (mini-stars included) register each season using a system from TEAMUNIFY.


You MUST BE A MEMBER OR RENTER to participate in Swim and/or Dive. 


Per athlete for Swim Only


Per athlete for Dive Only


Per athlete for COMBINED Swim AND Dive

  • There is a $10 discount for additional family athletes registered in the same online registration session
  • There will be a $10 late fee added to each registration after June 5th 

2023 Swim Coaches

Dan Jacobs

Head Coach

Jack Galbraith

Head Assistant Coach

Megan Rourke, Sophia Brown

Assistant Coaches

Anabel Huffstutler, Kristen Womack, Abby Siddon

Junior Coaches

Swim Team Award History