Member's Share Information

Members wishing to sell their share

To sell a membership, the member must locate the stock certificate issued at the time of purchase and if issued, your tennis key ($25 replacement fee if lost). Members who joined Vienna Woods prior to October 2001 need only the certificate dated October 16, 2001. On the back of the certificate are instructions for signing your membership over for sale.

The person(s) \listed as the owner (or owners) on the front of the certificate must sign and date the reverse side, in the presence of a witness. This need not be notarized. Leave blank the line to whom the membership will be transferred. Mail the signed certificate to: Vienna Woods, P.O. Box 33, Vienna VA 22183.

If one of the owners is deceased, the survivor needs to complete the above procedure and return the signed stock certificate along with a copy of the death certificate.

If the owner is unable to locate the stock certificate, he or she must then write a letter to the Club stating the following: He and/or she is the owner of share #____ and wishes to sell it but is unable to locate the stock certificate. The owner(s) will need to have the signatures on this letter notarized. This letter is accepted in lieu of the original certificate.

After the membership is transferred to a buyer, a check will be issued in the name(s) of the seller. The Transfer Fee of $75 and any outstanding dues or late fees will be deducted from the selling price before the check is issued. This process takes about 45-60 days.

IMPORTANT: Club By-Laws permit a member to sell their memberships directly only to the purchaser of their home or to an immediate family member. When this situation applies, the member must contact the Club’s business office (email [email protected] or phone at 703-938-0005) to obtain the necessary paperwork for this transaction.

This section last modified September 24, 2022