Rental Memberships

A rental membership is the use of the membership privileges of a share owner who is not using the club. Rental memberships are offered only to those on the wait list to purchase a membership. The club does not offer permanent rental memberships. Renters have equal privileges to owners in use of the facilities but may not vote at stockholder’s meetings or serve on the Board of Directors. The cost to rent a membership is $1,095.

In January the Club sends an email to the top 450 names on the wait list to ask if families are interested in a rental membership for the coming summer. Receipt of this email is not a guarantee of availability of a rental. Renting or declining the rental membership does not affect one’s position on the wait list.

Those receiving the email should reply by March 1st if they are interested in obtaining a rental membership. No response is equivalent to declining a potential rental.

The business office will begin sending out rental applications via email in mid-March to those that have indicated their desire to rent. Rentals are offered based on one’s position on the wait list. This process continues throughout the Spring, sometimes up to opening day, until all rentals have been exhausted.