Wait List

Wait list to purchase a membership

Vienna Woods has a limit of 750 total memberships. The wait list is very long (close to 1000 names) and the wait to purchase a membership is estimated at 11 years for those getting on the list now. We are currently selling shares to families that were added to the waitlist in May 2012. While this may seem like a long wait to purchase if you are just now signing up, after a few summers, we may be able to offer you a rental membership while you are on the wait list to purchase a share. Rentals were offered to families added to the wait list to purchase between summer 2012 and May 2019. The good news is that once you have been offered a rental, the chance of getting one in subsequent years is excellent.

To place your name on the wait list, please send a $100 check payable to Community Ventures, Inc., along with your address, contact phone numbers and email address to: P.O. Box 33, Vienna VA 22183.

This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable but applies to the $125 Initiation Fee, charged at the time of purchase. An email will be sent to confirm receipt of your check and placement of your name on the wait list to purchase a share. Once a name is entered on the list, the applicant remains on the list until eventually rising to the top and being offered a membership to purchase.

Our Club does not skip names on the list or change the position of the names after they have been entered. If the applicant declines the purchase when offered, the name is removed from the wait list. The club does not offer a permanent rental status.